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Egyptian Movie "AH!" Receives Best Short Film Award at the Delhi International Film Festival

Young director, Mohanad Diab, is the latest Egyptian filmmaker garnering international praise as his brilliant short "AH!" took home the prize for the Best Short Film at the Delhi International Film Festival.

At the 5th Delhi International Film Festival, considered one of the most significant film festivals in Asia, Egyptian short film "AH!" was awarded the Best Short Film Award.

"AH!"  was the only Egyptian film to make it to the festival which took place between 3rd and 9th of December, participating among a plethora of films from various Arab countries such as Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria and Tunisia.

Before it dominated the short film category at the Delhi Festival, the movie garnered an exceptional reputation participating in several international festivals including; The International Film Festival of Chelsea in the US, the Tripoli International Film Festival in Lebanon, and managed to win awards for editing and acting at the Festival Benguerir de Cinema in Morocco.

The incredible short was shot in France using French and Chilean actors as the film explores racism in France through two different situations encountered by a Muslim couple. 

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