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Omar Khairat's Enchanting #SymphoniesByTheSea to Take Over Al Dau Strand

Listening to Omar Khairat play live by the Red Sea in the last few days of the year will definitely make up for all the disasters that 2016 brought our way.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It's the end of the year, the time when we all pause to reflect on the 365 days we've survived and trooped through. We want to think of all the ups and downs, and look onto the new year with a fresh and more accepting view of what's to come. Wouldn't it be perfect to have a soundtrack to these thoughts? Say, Omar Khairat, perhaps?Well, it'd definitely do us good since his music is the epitome of life's rises and falls - you're able to hear your story, all of it, clearly resonating through the harmonious compositions he captivates us with every time he hits a note. What can we say? The man's a genius like that. On December 29th, he'll be playing at Al Dau International Conference Center in Hurghada. A night by the Red Sea, where you'll be whisked away in a massive ballroom with 360 degree screens to encapsulate and embrace all the magic and glamour by the most legendary musician in all of Egypt. Could you have asked for a better ending to 2016 other than #SymphoniesByTheSea? You'll be strolling through the doors in your cocktail dresses and formal wear at 9:15 PM sharp. But what about the last Ahly vs. Zamalek game of the year? We've got priorities, you know! Yeah, and Al Dau Strand has this wicked hotel bar named Elements where you're invited to come watch the match before the concert on giant screens. Winning!

As for the kids, they may not totally be in sync with Khairat's genius at this age, so they'll be given a chance to spend the night colouring and handcrafting, or engaging in all sorts of games, from PlayStation and Wii to more classic games like darts and air hockey. Don't worry, they'll also be fed. With all the food and fun, we expect they'll grow up to be avid Omar Khairat fans.

Pro tip: there will be three types of tickets available - the golden one comes with access to the open bar. HEL-LO! Count us in!

For more information on reservations and tickets, visit or call 16492.

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