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Viral Video: Hollywood Film ‘EuroTrip’ Spoofs Egypt’s Debunked Pound

We’re left in a side-split at the sight of one dollar buying more than we could ever afford in the most hilarious scene from ‘EuroTrip’.

The relevance could not have been any more comical. The amusingly clumsy and comedic hotel scene from the film EuroTrip has gone viral, entertaining the recent economic thrashing that has trampled the Egyptian pound. The video has received more than 12,000 shares on Facebook.The central idea of the scene shows Scott, Cooper, Jenny, and Jaime pulling out pocket change amounting to $1.83 to spend in a European country. The foursome are then shown to be treated like in-house royals, enjoying beauty makeovers, luxuriously expensive food, and partying like it is no body’s business – all thanks to the epically generous exchange rate. To top the hilarity, a waiter is flicked a nickel (five cents) from Scott, then proceeds to bitch slap his boss in the face, claiming to open his own hotel with his newfound wealth.

With the current U.S dollar reaching 18 Egyptian pounds, we can’t help but chuckle while imagining all the dingy and erratic things Americans get up to in Egypt. A dollar is but a dream. 

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