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Mad Sales on Some of Your Favourite Fashion Brands Tomorrow – Including Reebok, Vans, and Timberland

Because Black Friday is the only day worth seizing!

You know how everyone tells you to grab life by the horns, jump on whatever opportunities you come across in life, and carpe diem the heck out of it? Living audaciously is a wonderful thing, but that advice doesn’t always go as we expect – some opportunities, you just don’t want to seize, like free fugu in a food truck in Imbaba!  

As the authority on winning in life, we choose our battles wisely; we choose Black Friday at Timberland, Go Sport, Roxy, Quiksilver, Levi’s, Geox, and Vans, where some of our favourite sportswear, jeans, apparel and footwear will be on sale tomorrow at all stores. We shall go home 30 percent less poor!And to fully satisfy our obsession with sportswear we’ll never get to use because we don’t have the time or energy to work out, we will drop by Reebok on our way back from the shopping conquest to get twice our money’s worth.
So what do you say? Do you want to join us tomorrow as we Carpe Black Friday and fight your way through the hordes of anxious shoppers trying to stand between you and that last pair of discount sneakers, or what?!

*Sponsored by RA Sport.

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