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Social Media Roasts Sisi for Telling Port Said Governor to Stand in Front of, Rather Than Behind Him

Port Said Governor: E7na warak ya rayess. Sisi: Ana 3ayzak 2oddammy. Awkward laughter echoes throughout social media.

Social media has been in a state of frenzy after a video of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, during his visit to Port Said, started circulating yesterday. The video is from a conference that was held as part of the visit, and in the video, Port Said Governor Adel El-Ghadban shouts out to El-Sisi: "E7na warak ya rayes!" (We are with you, President) to which El-Sisi responded: "Ana 3ayzak odamy" (I want you in front of me). Awkward.   

It didn't pass lightly, and, in no time, Egyptians took to social media, throwing one of their typical roast session. Since then it's been a slew of mocking comments all over the place: 


          The first pervy president. 


The gaffe is already joining the ranks of other famous Sisi blunders that made it into daily Egyptian vernacular, like Maysa7esh keda (that's not right) and the classic ento msh 3arfeen enokom noor 3enena wala eh (don't you know you're the light of our eyes?). 

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