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VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood 'Demon' Exorcised by Love of Sisi

In what we can only assume is a mock exorcism, a video showing a possessed man that is cured when Teslam El-Ayady comes on certainly got our attention.

In a spooky exorcism video, we follow a cursed Muslim Brotherhood soul as it is tormented by the word Sisi. In a farcical video, this man seems to have a soul which came from the States, with the hidden agenda to not only destroy Egypt but the whole Middle East, one country at a time. However, this soul was expelled and the tortured man and his buddies were able to enjoy the rest of their evening dancing to Teslam El-Ayady, in celebration of Egypt's gift to Sisi the world.

We at CairoScene are almost sure this is a joke, we have faith that our mental retardation as a nation haven't reach this level, at least not yet.

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