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Video: Egypt and Uganda's Presidential Guards Come To Blows During Sisi's Visit

A video has gone viral showing an all-out-brawl, breaking out in front of the Uganda state house, between Egypt and Uganda's presidential guards before both presidents were to discuss cooperation between the nations.

A viral video circulated yesterday on social media showing President Sisi's bodyguards locking horns with the guards of Ugandan President Museveni as they entered the state house to discuss cooperation between the nations. 

According to the Ugandan daily news website, the brawl was initiated when the Egyptian guards refused to leave their weapons outside the state house, which was a requirement for all the guards present.

“They identified themselves as Al-Sisi’s guards but they were told it was standard practice that nobody enters State House with guns,” a source said to the Ugandan.

The incident took place during El-Sisi's one-day visit to Uganda last Sunday, but it is unclear if the incident had an effect on the discussions that took place shortly after. 

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